Customer Satisfaction
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Customer Satisfaction studies 
The goal for a customer satisfaction study is to produce a customer satisfaction index which will be used to monitor continuesly ours client's customer base and the general public regarding satisfaction and retention. 

It is the periodically  collection of variables which made-up what is all about the perception of satisfaction with significant performance  in friendliness, professional competence, reliability, loyalty and expectations to the perception of quality plus relevant ratings for customer retention regarding rebuying, cross-buying, further recommendation.

The production of the Customer Satisfaction INDEX is based in two vectors; the first is the quantification of the weight of each chosen participating variable and the second is the quantification ratings of the variables under measurement. Eventually the  index is the mean score of the ratings collected  under the study. All relevant statistics are applied (Friedman's test, Mann-Whitney test, Kendall's "T" etc.)

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