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Ad Hoc Financial
Financial Research
MARKETECK  Financial is the most experienced specialist research unit in Greece. We know in depth  both Retail and Corporate  Banking plus the Financial markets, as we are very closely attached to the Money Providing Industry.

In addition to our Ad Hoc Financial research projects,  we offer the FINANCIAL SERVICES  RESEARCH MONITOR (FSRM) to help Bankers, Lessors, Factors, Mutual Funds Managers, Investment Managers, Insurances, in monitoring the most critical aspects of "change", i.e. the element that dominates the today world of Financial Services. Using the FSRM, the Money Providers can fine tune their activities confident that their decisions are based upon the best Financial Marketing Intelligence available in Greece. 

Modules of Research Interest:
Personal Loans
Consumer Finance
Car Loans
Long Term Car Rentals
Deposit Products
Credit and Debit Cards
Electronic and  Web  Banking
Mortgage Credit
Mutual Funds
Investing Products
Private Banking
Yacht Financing
Corporate Banking
Bond Market
Trade Finance
Treasury and Financial Derivatives
Financial Leasing
Fire and Short Term Insurance risk
Long Term Insurance risk (Life and Annuities)

and upon request :

Project Finance
Structural Finance
M & A
Stocks' Markets
Market Derivatives



Bankers want to know precisely and above all else, where they stand in relation to their competitors. What is their penetration in specific markets? Are their Banking products delivered the right way and time? How satisfied are their clients? how do their services compare? What are customers' selection criteria?. Our FSRM is designed to answer these kinds of questions accurately and dependably.

 It manages to do so, because it provides our clients with a continuous picture of Banks' and Financial Institutions' market penetration and also an equally clear picture of the factors influencing the provision of Banking Services.

The Technique is to collect facts emanating from a particular module predicated on a panel of corporations selected from manufacturing, commerce and services for the Corporate Banking Services or from a consumers' sample for the Retail Banking and the near Banking other Financial Services.

Since our "audits" are repeated regularly:

Once a year for the Corporate Service (Corporate Banking, Treasury, Leasing, Factoring) modules

Every six months for the Retail Banking, the near Banking and the other Financial markets (Consumer Credit, Deposits, Bancassurance, Credit  and Debit Cards, Mortgage Credit and Mutual Funds) modules.

Once a year for the Short term Risk and Every six months for the Long term Insurance Modules.

all important trends are discerned, which provide a moving picture of how the marketplace responds to your actions and/or to the actions of  your Competitor Banks or Financial Institutions.

We use sophisticated statistical techniques to ensure the maximum accuracy for a given sample size.


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