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Computer  Assisted Telephone  Interviewing 






Our policy to establish a  Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Center back in 1994, had offered a number of substantial benefits in relation to the quality of our fieldwork. Principally, it allows us to establish a "Quality Culture", by creating in our Center:

a) an intimate, personalized environment, which encourages teamwork and allows "Hands on" support and communications between the interviewers and the supervisor,

b) a select team of interviewers

This, in turn, encourages the notion of ownership, in which our team of interviewers are able to see themselves as an important ingredient in the success of our services.

All of our interviewing stations are fully equipped with C.A.T.I., using an  Interviewing Management System software, combined with a telephone communication autodialing system and a sample management software.

C.A.T.I. takes the advantage of centrally located telephone interviewing one step further, enhancing the quality of the fieldwork, by its ability to deal with:

Complex routing

Use of complete and random telephone database

Automatic cleaning of data

Proper rotation

Fast delivery of results

Relatively low cost

Furthermore, our C.A.T.I. software has built in the facility to produce cross-tabulated results immediately.

Our C.A.T.I. Center can be used for every form of enquiry that has to be representative for Total Greece or for the Athens area only or for whatever other geographical needs in Greece or outside Greece.

Some examples of applications:

Following the effects of an advertising campaign

Tracking the purchase of items on a daily basis

Investigating food and drink habits.

Tracking recent purchase of consumer durables, 

Conducting Disaster Checks, etc


All interviewing and supervisory personnel are fully trained and at MARKETECK  we exceed the normal standards in several respects:

  1. Quality control checks are carried out continuously, via remote listening

  2. A minimum of 10% of all interviews are monitored in this way

  3. Newcomer Interviewers are subject to at least three days of in-house training, etc.

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