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Internet Research
Around 300 million people had access to internet at the turn of the century. The number of people connected to the internet in Europe is accelerating and access levels in Europe are now the same as in USA. A  recent study in Greece (Economic University of Athens), shows that Greece is still the last one in Internet connection in Europe, with  6% compared to 49%  in Finland, 29% in UK,15% in France and 27% in Germany.

At 31/12/99, Greece had 80.628 IP addresses and 10.312 web sites, compared to 54.210 IP addresses and 5.294 web sites at 31/12/98 i.e. 48,7% increase for the IP addresses and 94,8% increase for the web sites. The corresponding IP addresses per 1,000 residents was 7,6 at 31/12/99.

Greeks use internet from their houses by 40,9% and by 21,2% from their offices.

 The profile  of the Greek user is 31,9% entrepreneurs, 25,5% employees of the private sector and the rest 7,3% working in the public sector.

Greeks visit by 28,6%,  5 to 10 sites, when they are connected and by 25,8%, they are connected at night, and by 14,4% in the morning.

For Marketing research the challenges of the internet are unthinkable, because it represents a vast and fast potential market, which must be known if new marketing research business opportunities are to be seized and addressed. The measurement of this communication medium is our responsibility.

The effective exploitation of the Internet as a market research tool is one of our challenges as marketing researchers.

Internet as a medium of conducting research will be very effective. Interviews regarding Quantitative Research and Conjoint Analysis can be conducted using Web's capabilities. Not to mention that focus chat groups can communicate  and have their sessions with our psychologist through the web.

Sampling and recruitment of respondents is still a key concern, but it currently becomes a common practice to "pre-recruit" and create panels. However, this does not guarantee representativeness, either. To cope with this problem selective recruitment from the panel is combined with weighting procedures, in order to reflect the population. The skewed web sample may be combined with a sample from "not connected respondents", who are invited to...... to complete an interview. Representativeness is a problem and the " representativeness arguments" against Internet research are fundamental. The representativeness becomes less of an issue, if we focus on specific groups, entrepreneurs, professionals, Business to Business research.

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